Telecare Connect introduces the first integrated telehealth documentation solution for healthcare providers

As the need for telehealth technology has exploded during the current health crisis, we bring to market an innovative solution that will provide immediate opportunities for healthcare providers to continue to service their clients AND have completed documentation to support the care of their patients and facilitate reimbursement with one easy to use tool.

No more trying to use an app that is not healthcare focused to connect remotely to your patients.  This solution has been designed by healthcare professionals for healthcare professionals.

Its flexible architecture makes it easy to virtually replicate your physical office workflow. 

We can assist you connecting a documentation component to your encounters. It’s so simple you can get started immediately.

Features and Benefits

  • Easy to setup: Get started in an afternoon
  • Flexible Workflow: Mimic your existing physical office workflow
  • Portable: Work from any location
  • Tailored to Healthcare: Easily capture required healthcare information and notes, not just connect to the patient.
  • Multi-User: Allows multiple users to “visit” with the patient in their virtual exam room based on duties, such as like check-in, intake, exam, check-out, etc.
  • Information Sharing: As various users interact with patients they can add notes and other information to the patient’s “virtual chart” that stays with the patient’s virtual exam room.  This is available for each user before they enter the virtual room and allows them to update it while they are in the virtual exam room.
  • Recorded: All virtual encounters are securely recorded for documentation and compliance purposes

How Does TeleCare-Connect Work?